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Greg Anderson was born in Box Hill, Victoria and moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland with his parents in 1986. A member of the Scout Association for ten years, Greg developed a love of the outdoors and environment from an early age and has gone on to support many environmental and sustainability organisations and causes over the years including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Australian Geographic Society and Greenhouse Neutral Foundation. Greg became an entrepreneur while still in school, opting to start a lawn-mowing business rather than get a part-time job and after developing a keen interest in computers began teaching small business owners how to choose, install and use computers for their own business.

Computers and Technology

Graduating high school in 1992 the computer business continued becoming a full-time endeavour with a rapidly-growing client base of small and medium-sized Gold Coast and South East Queensland businesses. This is where Greg quickly learned one of the biggest challenges facing the self-employed: you don’t have one boss, you have many. Finding the balance of having enough clients to keep you fed during the quiet times yet still capable of keeping all clients happy during the busy periods can be a stressful juggling act. As the internet gained popularity Greg and his then business partner purchased a share of an Internet Service Provider in 1998 and established offices in the CBD of Bundall on the Gold Coast. In many respects this was the beginning of an ending, having borrowed very heavily to buy into the business its rapid growth left Greg and his partner unable to continue to fund the expansion. The resultant customer attrition due to poor service levels saw a sharp decline in revenue and the decision was made to sell back what was left and walk away, keeping only a massive amount of debt for what was little more than a twelve-month foray into the world of Telecoms. He continued for some time in the computer services field until finally deciding it was time for a clean break, which came in the form of a move into transport and distribution.

Greg Anderson TodayGreg Anderson

Starting over at the very bottom of a new food chain and pecking order was a breath of fresh air and Greg was quickly once again bitten by the self-employment bug and transitioned from employee to independent contractor, owning and operating several successful parcel courier businesses with Australia’s number one customer rated company. Upon selling those he took a role as Manager of Operations and Logistics for automotive lubricant industry leader Bitron International, where he currently works today. A qualified Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Shipping expert Greg Anderson shares his knowledge of the fundamentals of moving goods from warehouse to consumer with small and medium-sized businesses and teaches how to incorporate environmental sustainability in every business process to maximise profit and reduce overall footprint. Writing targeted Small Business / Home Business tips and strategies Greg welcomes questions on any topic he can help you with and looks forward to working with you in your business.

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